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Band 8 for IELTS Essays

How to Get a Band 8 for IELTS Essays in Writing Task 2.

The IELTS Writing Task 2 is an essay question. You will be asked to read a passage and answer a question about it, giving reasons and/or examples to support your claim. You normally have 40 minutes to complete your essay. Time will soon go so it is important to be prepared in order to use the time effectively.

The following tips will help you to do that.

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Ten Tips for the IELTS Listening Exam

Follow these tips for the IELTS Listening Exam to get a high Band Score:
Get to Know the Test
Each section of the listening test is designed to test different skills:
Part 1: A Short Conversation
The parts of the tests become progressively more difficult so part one is the easiest. The questions are relatively simple.
The conversation could be face to face or over the telephone and might involve a hotel receptionist, tour operator or holiday planner.

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Skimming and Scanning Tips for IELTS

In the IELTS exam time is of the essence so that useful skills to develop, as part of your IELTS preparation, are skim reading and scanning. They are different but serve the same purpose, which is to save time.
Here are some skimming and scanning tips for IELTS to save you time.
Practise using them while preparing for the exam, which will help you to save time in the IELTS exam and achieve a higher band score:

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