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Author: Paul Andreas

Paul Andreas is a Certified Speaking Coach and IELTS teacher.

Skimming and Scanning Tips for IELTS

In the IELTS exam time is of the essence so that useful skills to develop, as part of your IELTS preparation, are skim reading and scanning. They are different but serve the same purpose, which is to save time.
Here are some skimming and scanning tips for IELTS to save you time.
Practise using them while preparing for the exam, which will help you to save time in the IELTS exam and achieve a higher band score:

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The Schwa Sound – The Most Common Sound in English

Have you heard of the “schwa” sound?
It is the most common sound in the English language and, because of that, it is the most important.
Sounds Like "Uh"
It sounds like this - uh. It’s the sort of sound that you might make when you’re sitting down to relax after a hard day’s work - uh. For this reason it is often referred to as a lazy sound or a Friday afternoon sound - uh.

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